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Better information provisioning for manufacturing and marketing your defense solutions


Defense working processes are extremely sensitive by nature. They rely on accurate and reliable data provided to the knowledge worker at every step of merely any task. The worker often requires information from various system such as PLM, ERP, CRM, Documents Management etc. Regardless of the worker main responsibility R&D, manufacturing, sales, support etc. – information availability at the current work context is critical for completing the task according to MIL-STD.

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How can Bridges assist


While conducting R&D of new systems for military use, the knowledge worker may use Bridges for quick and in context information about prototypes specifications and current products development and engineering data.

Logistics and supply chain

Typical tasks may involve coordinating with suppliers, tracking inventory, and optimizing transportation and distribution processes. Bridges is always one mouse click away from critical information from various back-office systems.

Strategic planning

Corporate intelligence office may be analyzing intelligence data, assessing potential threats, and developing contingency plans. This may require working with the plans and resources management systems. With Bridges he is one click away from them.

Training and education

Employee responsible for developing training programs and educational materials for military personnel often requires immediate access to corporate terminology, existing training materials and wok procedures. With Bridges click, the employee can track the right document by a keyword search and open it right away.

Compliance and risk management

The knowledge worker may be responsible for ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for military operations, such as managing export controls, maintaining security clearances, and monitoring compliance with international treaties and agreements. This may involve accessing documents and procedures management system. In one click of Bridges – he’s there.

Our Value Proposition

Secure bridging of corporate information directly the user’s desktop

  • Only permitted information is displayed per user security profile.
  • Corporate existing SSO solutions can be integrated for enhanced security.
  • The entire solution is on-premises and fits highly confidential organizations.



“Bridges application is vitally important to my role and our company”

Bridges application is vitally important to my role and our company. Babylon Software is amazing at quickly responding to request for additional functionality that enables efficiency of critical tasks
Customer Quality Manager
Elbit systems Ltd.

“A very powerful tool”

A very powerful tool. By writing the correct query, you can get all the required information on a click. For example, by clicking on a customer's ID or phone, you can get all the details from the CRM, including the history. By clicking on an employee's email, you can get the employee's details, name, phone, and job title from the HR system and much more.
IT Manager
global Investment Group
logo Government office

"Just a couple of clicks and the information is there"

Working with Bridges a lot of years, perfect application, accurate and simple to use. Bridges is an amazing software application. It is easy to use and definitely helps with efficiency in the department. No need to spend precious time with searching for information. Just a couple of clicks and the information is there. I highly recommend Bridges.
Operations Manager
an Israeli Government office

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