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Quick access to corporate data is critical for knowledge workers in the finance and insurance industry. To make informed decisions and provide timely insights to clients, finance and insurance professionals need to have easy access to a vast array of financial data, including customers and accounts data, investment tracking information, regulations and procedures documents. With the right tools and technologies in place, knowledge workers can efficiently navigate complex data sets, identify patterns and trends, and quickly generate actionable insights that can drive business growth and help clients achieve their financial goals. Bridges ensures the ability to access data quickly and efficiently is thus essential for staying competitive and delivering high-quality services in the fast-paced world of finance and insurance.

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How can Bridges assist

Branch management

The branch management system is one of the bank’s most mission critical systems. It usually built of hundreds of screens connected to complex set of banking procedures, regulations etc. Bridges click on any text on screen can popup the right working instructions relevant to the teller in front of the customer being served.

Investment officer

View customers’ current investment portfolio, with a Bridges click on any of the stock symbols.

Software Engineers

Changing a module code in a legacy system when the working environment is a mainframe terminal is a challenging task. Administrators/Engineers can click on any text of a field name, or function inside the code and get a concise view of the metadata of that object from the bank Metadata Management system.

Back-office Customer Support

Typing the customer account or identification number into Bridges can present a 360 degrees overview on the customer profile: current checking account balance, total investment portfolio value, open loans and payments statuses, etc., eliminating the need of the support agent to browse and query several applications to get the same information.

Insurance customers care

The support agent it the insurance call center get a call from a complaining customer. In one search operation using the customer unique identification detail, the agent can see its global records view within the company: active policies, past suits, link to relevant personal documents from the archive and targeted personal recommendations to present to the customer on call.

Our Value Proposition

Unified Information

Relevant data is unified in one location in Bridges. The employee can focus on its core banking/insurance expertise and not waist precious time in the pursuit of information needed for his job.



“A very powerful tool”

A very powerful tool. By writing the correct query, you can get all the required information on a click. For example, by clicking on a customer's ID or phone, you can get all the details from the CRM, including the history. By clicking on an employee's email, you can get the employee's details, name, phone, and job title from the HR system and much more.
IT Manager
global Investment Group

"I strongly recommend it"

Bridges is used by us for various years and has become an immensely popular tool. It enables both HQ employees and field employees a single click access to all our back-office applications. I strongly recommend it.
IT Applications Manager
The Israel Lottery (“PAIS”)
logo Government office

"Just a couple of clicks and the information is there"

Working with Bridges a lot of years, perfect application, accurate and simple to use. Bridges is an amazing software application. It is easy to use and definitely helps with efficiency in the department. No need to spend precious time with searching for information. Just a couple of clicks and the information is there. I highly recommend Bridges.
Operations Manager
an Israeli Government office

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