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Any knowledge worker in the industry relies heavily on accurate and reliable data throughout most of his work processes. This data often comes from a variety of systems, including PLM, ERP, MES, CRM, and Document Management, and is essential for workers in any role, whether it be in R&D, supply-chain, sales, support, or other areas. The availability of relevant information within the context of the worker’s current task is crucial to ensuring that the task is completed accurately and efficiently. Bridges provides the worker with immediate access to relevant and context-specific information, without disrupting their workflow or productivity. The worker can stay focused on their current task while still obtaining the necessary information to complete it effectively

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How can Bridges assist

Production Management

Overseeing production schedules, monitoring the quality of manufactured products, and optimizing manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs – all tasks require quick access to data from various ERP modules which Bridges can provide.

supply chain

One click access to corporate data will maximize efficiency for tasks like coordinating with suppliers, managing inventory levels, and optimizing transportation and distribution processes.


Bridges supply constant capability to one click access to ERP and PLM systems for tasks like monitoring the quality of raw materials and manufactured products, developing and implementing quality control processes, and making recommendations for improvements.


Collaborating with a team of engineers and scientists to design prototypes, conduct experiments, and analyze data are made with better quality when Bridges connect the engineer desktop with data from corporate systems.


Working with sales teams to promote and sell products with direct single access to PO data in the ERP sales module and product inventory levels in the ERP inventory management module.

Our Value Proposition

Information Consolidation

All information retrieval needs are consolidated into Bridges. No need to chase corporate data using various applications, interfaces, and methodologies.



“Bridges is a must have if you are tired of using Agile for tedious item look-up”

Bridges is a must have if you are tired of using Agile for tedious item look- up. It is such a beauty that it integrates all the aspects that an ERP would ever use, demand, cost, PO, shipment, Top-level FG, where used, inventory, all in one!
ERP officer
coca cola

"Super useful tool!"

Super useful tool! Highly appreciate and recommend it! Saves “tons” of time for every user retrieving data
Supply Chain Program Manager
Coca Cola

"We are using Bridges for many years"

We are using Bridges for many years. We are very happy with the application and the support from Babylon Software. It provides us translation abilities: English, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.​ It’s also providing us infrastructure for corporate dictionaries​. Collaborates different information sources​. Search by keywords. Interactive GUI for dictionary items​. Employee Productivity - Make it easy, make it simple​. One click provides required information.
BI Developer

"Bridges is such a convenient tool to get any information at your fingertips"

I’ve been using it almost every day at work, either to search for components, supplier, prices, COO, or finding out where it is used across the whole company. I can also easily find out inventory status, demand view, costs, manufacture locations, etc. Tasks like that used to take me 30 minutes to complete trying to pull the right reports from the right system. Now it takes me seconds.
Sales Support Manager

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