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One click information access for improved development and delivery of solutions to improve our health


In the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices industry, access to relevant and up-to-date information is critical to ensure efficient and effective operations. However, workers often navigate through multiple systems to gather the necessary data, interrupting their workflow and reducing productivity. With Bridges, workers can access the information they need without leaving their current task, allowing them to maintain focus and efficiency. Whether it’s reviewing product specifications, or accessing regulatory information, Bridges streamlines the information search process and empowers workers to make informed decisions.

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How can Bridges assist

Clinical R&D

While designing clinical trials, analyzing data, and reporting results, researchers can harness Bridges to quickly retrieve data from the pharma development projects, see project status, next approval steps and access project documents.

Regulatory Affairs

For tasks like ensuring drugs compliance, preparing regulatory filings, and monitoring changes in regulatory requirements, Bridges offers one click access to documents management system and PLM.


Engineers developing a new device can use Bridges for rapid access of data to an integrated view of PLM and ERP systems.


Medical devices salespersons will improve their productivity, while preparing a customer quote, if they uses Bridges for a unified view of relevant ERP and CRM systems.

Our Value Proposition

Critical Information on Desktop

important information from various enterprise applications is being seamlessly incorporated into the user’s desktop, making it easier for the user to access and utilize the information in a mission-critical manner.



“Bridges is a must have if you are tired of using Agile for tedious item look-up”

Bridges is a must have if you are tired of using Agile for tedious item look- up. It is such a beauty that it integrates all the aspects that an ERP would ever use, demand, cost, PO, shipment, Top-level FG, where used, inventory, all in one!
ERP officer

“Great if not the greatest search tool”

Great if not the greatest search tool. Single click connection to several databases in parallel. Huge time and money saver. Visibility of relevant and updated information for different users in organization with different needs. Easy configuration for best data visibility.
Component Engineer
logo Government office

"Just a couple of clicks and the information is there"

Working with Bridges a lot of years, perfect application, accurate and simple to use. Bridges is an amazing software application. It is easy to use and definitely helps with efficiency in the department. No need to spend precious time with searching for information. Just a couple of clicks and the information is there. I highly recommend Bridges.
Operations Manager
an Israeli Government office

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