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About Bridges

Bridges provides fast and effective one-click access to vital corporate information. Using a secured on-premises search server solution, Bridges can index both structured data stored in systems such as CRM, ERP, and unstructured data, such as documents and web sites, in a very short implementation cycle. Our extraordinary Bridges desktop client enables you to click on any text on any application on screen and instantly receive contextual relevant information about it according to your permission.

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Our Features

Getting started with Bridges

Building bridges is easier than ever. Full implementation is less than a month away

step 1

Get a personal presentation and demo in 48 hours

Tell us about your critical needs for corporate information search and access and get a one-on-one presentation and demo where we will present and discuss how Bridges can contribute to your business and solve challenges in accessing mission critical information.

step 2

Want to see how Bridges improves productivity – We are ready for a pilot within a week

We will work with you to quickly design a pilot to enable you to evaluate the product’s contribution to your business and examine its functionality and technical capabilities. The pilot scope are 2-3 use cases which are related to your needs. Any investment you made will be utilized when we go to real product implementation.

step 3

You wish to start enjoying what Bridges has to offer – full deployment in two weeks

We will work with you to analyze your requirements and map your corporate databases, APIs, documents corpora, etc. Our implementation team will set everything via secure remote access, and you could go live with Bridges in two weeks.

step 4

Bridges is up and running?
Sit back and relax – Our solution is flexible and extendable at no additional costs

Any changes, improvements or extension to your deployment are covered by your license and implementation support fees. Such tasks are usually completed within days and our customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Bridges is tightly integrated to instantly deliver information from enterprise applications to users’ desktops.

Unique Desktop Client

Bridges centers on the user experience. The desktop client brings information to the user, rather than bringing the user to the information. It’s unique click technology turns any word on any screen into a hot word. Bridges delivers contextual information regardless of the application in use, and without requiring any modifications to the application. Users thus get information in the most natural way – by simply pointing and clicking on the text on any screen.

Product Brochure

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Product White Paper

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“A very powerful tool”

A very powerful tool. By writing the correct query, you can get all the required information on a click. For example, by clicking on a customer's ID or phone, you can get all the details from the CRM, including the history. By clicking on an employee's email, you can get the employee's details, name, phone, and job title from the HR system and much more.
IT Manager
global Investment Group
coca cola

"Super useful tool!"

Super useful tool! Highly appreciate and recommend it! Saves “tons” of time for every user retrieving data
Supply Chain Program Manager
Coca Cola

"We are using Bridges for many years"

We are using Bridges for many years. We are very happy with the application and the support from Babylon Software. It provides us translation abilities: English, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.​ It’s also providing us infrastructure for corporate dictionaries​. Collaborates different information sources​. Search by keywords. Interactive GUI for dictionary items​. Employee Productivity - Make it easy, make it simple​. One click provides required information.
BI Developer

"I use Bridges on a daily basis"

I use Bridges on a daily basis. It is convenient, easy, and extremely useful. It saves a huge amount of time and gives me all the data I always need, in the easiest format. highly recommended program.
Material Availability Team Leader
Ceragon Networks

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