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Any work process within a semiconductors company is deeply dependent on corporate information. In most cases, workers require information from several systems to complete their tasks. This need to often leave their context of work and embark on tedious information hunt like what’s the transistor’s engineering data, what’s its upper-level assembly in the BOM, what’s its inventory level, what’s its AVL, where can I find its datasheets, etc. Using Bridges, workers do not have to interrupt their current task and switch application context on desktop. With Bridges click, workers get relevant and contextual information right away. Workers’ focus is always kept, and productivity remains intact.

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How can Bridges assist


Circuit designers need to integrate a capacitor on board. In one click on its P/N they get its electrical parameters and its subcomponents from the BOM.

Supply chain

Supply chain managers need to decide whether to renew inventory of an Item. In one click they get its current inventory level, past purchases orders and list of vendors which can supply it.


QA managers need to test a component. They are one click away from past quality test view for it and direct access to relevant QA procedures, documents and industry regulation specs.


Sales managers need to prepare a quote. In just one click they get the list of past sales orders which include the part to be sold. They can drill down to each sale order to view exact quantities and prices.

Customers support

Customer support engineers are getting an incident report about a component from a customer. One click and they view the past incidents related to the component and see if a solution already exists for the customer.


Financial auditors need to validate inventory levels of a long list of products. The list is on screen, click on each P/N retrieves the necessary data per item. The task is completed in hours instead of days.

Our Value Proposition

Embedding mission critical information from Enterprise applications on the user’s desktop:

  • Reduce the time to get the information
  • No Need to switch applications
  • Keep focusing on work
  • Direct link to enterprise applications



“Great if not the greatest search tool”

Great if not the greatest search tool. Single click connection to several databases in parallel. Huge time and money saver. Visibility of relevant and updated information for different users in organization with different needs. Easy configuration for best data visibility.
Component Engineer

"We are using Bridges for many years"

We are using Bridges for many years. We are very happy with the application and the support from Babylon Software. It provides us translation abilities: English, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.​ It’s also providing us infrastructure for corporate dictionaries​. Collaborates different information sources​. Search by keywords. Interactive GUI for dictionary items​. Employee Productivity - Make it easy, make it simple​. One click provides required information.
BI Developer

"I use Bridges on a daily basis"

I use Bridges on a daily basis. It is convenient, easy, and extremely useful. It saves a huge amount of time and gives me all the data I always need, in the easiest format. highly recommended program.
Material Availability Team Leader
Ceragon Networks

"Bridges is such a convenient tool to get any information at your fingertips"

I’ve been using it almost every day at work, either to search for components, supplier, prices, COO, or finding out where it is used across the whole company. I can also easily find out inventory status, demand view, costs, manufacture locations, etc. Tasks like that used to take me 30 minutes to complete trying to pull the right reports from the right system. Now it takes me seconds.
Sales Support Manager

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