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Contribute to ensuring availability of amenities necessary for daily life and economic activity.


In an industry managing critical physical resources, data is critical as well. Utilities companies directly impact public health and safety. Timely access to data on the status of infrastructure is essential. Utilities companies often operate in a highly regulated environment, with strict compliance requirements and reporting obligations, which relies on accurate data access. They must manage large volumes of data from a variety of sources to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service. Bridges can significantly contribute to facilitate the need for information.

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How can Bridges assist


The maintenance officer in a gas company gets a mail with a notification on a malfunction in a section of the pipe. In one click on the section identifier, Bridges displays relevant information from three systems: professional details from the ERP, environmental data from the geographical system and related documents data about pipe last checkup from the documents management system.

supply chain

Supply chain managers in an oil company may receive a phone call from one of the representatives in a port overseas about a delay in the arrival of a tanker. The manger simply clicks the tanker ID into Bridges and gets its overview data from the assets management system and the planned commercial trips of the vessel from the ERP system – all in one screen.


Engineers in a utility company often requires quick access to the PLM system searching for parts mechanical data, navigating up and down in the bill of materials, examining inventory level, spare parts and more. Getting this information with Bridges click allows him to be fully dedicated to their engineering tasks while saving significant time, otherwise spent in pursuing the information from the system itself.

Our Value Proposition

Consolidated Information

Bridges consolidates pertinent data into a single location, freeing employees to concentrate on their primary professional duties instead of spending valuable time searching for necessary information



“A very powerful tool”

A very powerful tool. By writing the correct query, you can get all the required information on a click. For example, by clicking on a customer's ID or phone, you can get all the details from the CRM, including the history. By clicking on an employee's email, you can get the employee's details, name, phone, and job title from the HR system and much more.
IT Manager
global Investment Group

"I use Bridges on a daily basis"

I use Bridges on a daily basis. It is convenient, easy, and extremely useful. It saves a huge amount of time and gives me all the data I always need, in the easiest format. highly recommended program.
Material Availability Team Leader
Ceragon Networks
logo Government office

"Just a couple of clicks and the information is there"

Working with Bridges a lot of years, perfect application, accurate and simple to use. Bridges is an amazing software application. It is easy to use and definitely helps with efficiency in the department. No need to spend precious time with searching for information. Just a couple of clicks and the information is there. I highly recommend Bridges.
Operations Manager
an Israeli Government office

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